The Circle

The Circle post image

I’ve said it before: Life is a circle.

Need more proof? I submit Exhibit A, the strange food month I just experienced: [click to continue…]

Advice To My Unborn Children post image

Dear never-conceived children of mine,

I’ve always wanted to have kids, and download my accumulated knowledge into their little heads. But I don’t have children. (Which may not be the worst situation for society.) It could be for any number of reasons: bad genes, cruel gods, poor aim.

Plus, I fear the extent of my [click to continue…]

A Star Wars Mystery

A Star Wars Mystery post image

With repeated viewings of a movie, you catch more details that you missed the first time. Or, in my case, the first 8 times. I recently got back from a trip to Malaysia and China, and just for the heck of it I watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 10 times on the plane. Don’t judge. It is a fun film and those are some long-ass flights.

Midway through viewing number 5, it struck me. What are [click to continue…]

Man Vs. Worm

Man Vs. Worm post image

Just back from a bunch of amazing shows in Malaysia. I always love doing shows there, and especially in Kota Kinabalu as it reminds me of where I grew up in Hawaii.

But in KK (as the locals call Kota Kinabalu) they have a dish I never ever encountered my whole life in the Aloha State: worms. And not just any old worms, these are butod, or Sago Worms. O… M… G.

Now, I’m no stranger to eating weird crap in distant lands, but this [click to continue…]